Building bridges

Published on 2 January 2010
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One of my New Years Weekend projects was starting that long-overdue bridge spanning the creek separating us from the "back 3" of our property. Tina worked with me on it during the bitter weather, including cold, high winds, and even sleet.

Tina's involvement is great, but can be a double-edged sword. She's a tremendous help, but also an informed critic. As the daughter of a talented custom home builder, she has the genes and exposure to spot a mistake at 500 paces.

So, for example, while setting one of the 16' 2x12 joists across the creek, she wouldn't let me stop at almost level. Her words were "I'll know it's 1/4 inch out of level when I'm walking across it," while mine were, "it's a bridge in the woods!"  We had some lively discussions, but all in fun. At least I think so.

Working together against a real challenge: that's how we build the real bridges. And we've learned a lot through the years with projects like this: like not to hang wallpaper together.

We got the 6x6 posts cemented in and the joists hung. Watch for more updates.