Maybe It's Just a Fool's Errand

Published on 6 April 2010

I've been whining for some time about how we need "a unified blend of stateless operation, classic resource control, and higher-level concurrency semantics."  That is, we need some way of making all those parallel programming building blocks easily fit in programmers' heads: functional programming, lambdas, closures, futures, async callouts, delegates, TBB, and, if we must, semaphores and threads. That would go a long way toward more widespread utilization of all those cores we're now getting.

Larry O'Brien has answered the call, at least for futures. And it follows the metaphor of our highly-leveraged financial system, so even I can understand it (understand: yes, trust: no). Bummer that scarcity really does exist in economics and CPU cycles, and this is just an April Fools' spoof.

Oh well, at least we can continue to hope, while laughing (or whining) about it.